2022 Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil OU Kosher

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This extra virgin olive oil is produced entirely from green olives we harvest from our orchards in October. It is high in chlorophyll which explains its green color and grassy flavor. The flavor is well balanced, robust but with an artichoke-grassy finish. The high concentration of polyphenols impart a more bitter flavor compared to the milder Fall Harvest olive oil. Because green olives don’t contain much olive oil, it is inevitably more expensive to produce. Perfect on mozzarella cheese, for bruschetta or fresh on seafood, it will certainly highlight any dish you prepare.

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  1. John Miller

    I have researched olive oils for two years now as I am fighting cancer and I need the high polyphenol content and in particular oleocanthal which is a super food for me. I am also of Italian decent and olive oil has been a staple for me my whole life. The early harvest and cold extraction are essential for those high polyphenol. It is awesome to see this quality in a California oil. Suggest posting the polyphenol content on your website. Keep on making high quality oil and do not let comprises get you.
    Thanks for helping me heal😊 John Miller

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