Bianchetto Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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We foster a great relationship with our bianchetto truffle suppliers in Northern Italy and it is because of this affiliation that we are able to offer you our bianchetto truffle olive oil. Unlike other truffle oils we use extra virgin olive oil as the base which guarantees quality and optimum taste. Our bianchetto truffles are freshly imported and quickly infused in the extra virgin olive oil and in finish a few slices of truffles are added in each bottle to help preserve the flavor for a longer period of time.

Bianchetto Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Use

Bianchetto truffle olive oil is generally served raw, and drizzled over steaming pasta or salads or fried eggs. Mushroom risotto will acquire a new dimension in flavor when adorned with bianchetto truffle olive oil and pairs beautifully with roasted chicken and other meats like roasted fowl. As an addition in your soup or paired with cheese, it is certain that bianchetto truffle olive oil will enhance the flavors of your cuisine.

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