Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fall 2023 OU Kosher

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33.8fl.oz (1000ml), 16.9fl.oz (500ml), 8.45fl.oz. (250ml), 1.5fl.oz (45ml)

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Production of extra virgin olive oil starts with the peculiar caretaking of our olive orchards. Nothing is neglected since the start. The olive harvest begins in October, when the olives are still green, up until the end of December when the olives reach their ripeness and are black in color. The olives are hand-harvested to avoid bruising and other damage caused by mechanical harvesters. As the olives arrive at the olive mill they are immediately cleaned and washed to remove any debris before being crushed. The resulting olive paste from the crusher is subsequently uniformly mixed and its oil is extracted. This extra virgin olive oil remains cold extracted and unfiltered to preserve its raw qualities and stored in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks until bottling.

Peroxide value 5.23 meq/kg

Ultraviolet Absorption

K225 2.646

K232 1.865

K270 0.160

Delta K -0.0060

Polyphenols 643 mg/kg

Pyropheophytines 2.8%

Isomeric Diacylglycerols

1,2-Diglycerides 86.8%

Free fatty acid 0.14%

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4 reviews for Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fall 2023 OU Kosher

  1. banachjam (verified owner)

    If you like a mild, mellow EVOO with a buttery flavor, this is the one for you.

  2. Anita Goulet

    I just love your olive oil

  3. Helga Spring (verified owner)

    Excellent product.

  4. Otto Spring (verified owner)

    This is an excellent product, just superb.

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